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Fast track the development of solid project management skills and processes within your organization by providing your highest potential managers with a professional mentor. The Project Manager Mentor program is geared towards managers who are upwardly mobile, focused on increasing their knowledge while improving their skills, and eager to contribute to the bottom line results of their organizations. The program offers unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, or fax for a period of six months. Where possible, we will meet in person at a mutually convenient time for 90 minutes on a bi-weekly basis.

At the outset, we will establish a performance development plan with specific objectives and completion dates. As a well connected expert in project management, and as a trusted advisor, I can provided networking opportunities, developmental exercises, recommend educational programs, assist in developing a project management career path and be a confidential sounding board. During our bi-weekly meetings we will discuss accomplishments, any obstacles that are impeding our success and recommend action plans. I will hold each mentee accountable to the commitments they make during the program.

The Pottruff Mentoring Program creates a Win-Win solution for individuals and their organizations.

The Ment-ee Win

The Organization Win

Contact us if you are interested in developing the high potential candidates in your organization into world class project managers.

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